Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If I wanted to use someone else’s materials, for example a song, am I allowed to do so?

Because this is for an educational purpose, you may use copywrite music but they cannot be published on youtube – our dropbox will except them though. 

Poster copywrite – you may not use someone else’s images/artwork on your posters, it must be your own and original. 

If I wanted to make a poster as my project, how do I submit it?

You can simply take a picture of  it and drop that photo in the dropbox – it does not have to be a video. Same with poems – just drop the poem, drop the song, whatever you want, drop it!

What age groups can enter the contest?

We are targeting grade 7-12, but it is possible to include younger grades and mentor them throughout the projects!

What do I need to include with my project entry?

When you send in the project, ensure you filled out the application form from the site, make sure to have all  students named, and a write up about what activating kindness means to you, why you did your project and how it promotes inclusion.