Outcome Tie-ins

Below are very common classes and very general examples of curriculum ties. All classes however can be tied to an Activate project, if you are having difficulties finding a tie in feel free to send an e-mail to      annmarie.david@lskysd.ca  or    ruth.weber@lskysd.ca

Engagement: Involved in the learning tasks.

Citizenship: Respectful, responsible, academically honest.

Collaborative: Offers and receives ideas while working with others.

Self-Directed: Takes initiative, completes tasks, strong work habits.


-any type of art project, film etc. that can be focused around inclusion, community etc.



CC9.5 a – Create and present a variety of visual and multimedia presentations to best represent message for an intended audience.

CC9.5 b – Create and present a variety of visual and multimedia presentations including addressing various audiences for one purpose.



LEAD3.1 Establish goal setting as an integral part of leadership.

LEAD3.2 Develop planning skills and abilities.

LEAD3.3 Understand project management.

LEAD4.1 Analyze effective forms of communication.

LEAD4.2 Analyze personal communication skills.

LEAD4.3 Explore effective promotion and marketing practices.

LEAD4.4 Analyze public and media relations and apply to a campaign.

LEAD5.1 Lead and support the planning & implementation of projects demonstrating leadership.


Active Living

AFL 5.0 – Apply the holistic approach to a person action plan.

AFL 10.0 – Understand and apply communication and leadership skills to motivate individuals (self) to participate in physical activity.


HED.USC7.4Demonstrate an understanding of harmony in relationships & the skills of conflict resolution



FR1LK.1 Demonstrate acquisition of French language concepts, related to themes



EALA20 CC3.2 Participates in conversation related to basic needs & personal experience.

EALA20 CC3.3 Presents ideas & information in group settings with a provided structure.

EALA20 CC3.4 Writes short texts for academic purposes with scaffolding.

EALA20 CC3.6 Writes short texts for personal communication.

ELA.CCK.2Create symbols, pictures & dramatizations to communicate feelings & ideas in different ways

ELA.CCK.4 Create messages using pictures, symbols & letters.